Power Laces coming in 2015

Earlier today, Tinker Hatfield spoke at #AgendaEmerge in Long Beach, CA about design, innovation, and this news bomb: the Nike MAG is coming in 2015, complete with the technology for Power Laces.

Need a reminder? Hatfield designed these for Back to the Future II.


Via Nice Kicks:

Tinker confirmed that his team is working as hard as possible to deliver the Nike MAG in 2015 with Power Laces, but also reminded us all that we still have “11 and two-thirds months left in 2015″.

Up next: the Cubs win the World Series this year!? Why stop with power laces, I say.

Supreme x Nike Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Finally putting rumors to rest, Supreme officially releases the news of their Spring/Summer 2014 collaboration with Nike on the Air Foamposite 1. Having photos leak months prior, the set features baroque print sneakers in two colorways (Red and Black), a bold but not unusual concept led by New York brand Supreme. Although the sneakers already had dudes thirsting, Supreme and Nike also threw in some matching basketball jerseys and shorts (you know for all those who REALLY want to up their stunting game).

Info on Release: The collection to drops in-store at the brand’s New York, London and Los Angeles locations, and online on April 3. Japan can look forward to the release two days after on April 5.

Regardless of how gaudy the detailing appears to be, the hype behind this collaboration will surely have people pitching tents and filling coolers days before April 3. But hey, who can blame them? Not everyone can be the first to swag everyone out on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and probably revive Xanga to show off their new cops.

Good luck to those trying to get a piece of the collection for their Spring/Summer wardrobe. But side note, if any of y’all accidentally cop a size too small, I know an Asian mami in need of some new gear aka helpthisbrokeassbitchout.

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The Kobe Piano, The Kobe Pen, Kobe Kobe Beef, The Kobe Light Bulb #madebykobe

Kobe‘s latest instagram is a video that had me appreciating the branding. Kobe’s ‘Mamba’ logo is placed on all of the above — certainly not the first things you’d associate with a star basketball player. I caught the piano a couple of days ago and the sleek customization of it was an instant eye-catcher. I thought it was just a personal piece for Kobe just looking at the image, but as you can see from the commercial, it’s a part of the new campaign. I hope this will continue with more of these seemingly everyday objects being associated with the Mamba. Superb job thus far by Nike. Ha @ the “Kobe Kobe Beef” and the commercial.

The time MJ wore Pennys

I’m feeling a lil’ MJ flashback on this edition of Old School Sundays as this story passed onto me yesterday by the Jack Silverstein (writer for Chicago Daily Law Bulletin) was too good not to post.

Remember that time that MJ wore Pennys? Yeah, it happened. Photographic evidence above. And the full story that will calm the senses of die hard Jordan fans below:

The Nike Air Flight One was Penny Hardaway’s first unofficial signature shoe. The shoe’s features were great, it had a super lightweight sole and also sported the iconic “1″ on the heeltab. His “Airness” himself, Michael Jordan, actually wore these in a game after his first retirement. Supposedly he wore these because the league’s restrictions held him back from unveiling the Air Jordan XI. The entire Bulls team at the time was wearing black shoes but the “Concords” were black/white. MJ cut the #1 off the heeltab which is kind of ironic because the Bulls lost to the Magic in the playoffs that year.

(via Forever Sneakz)

Heh! Still. Really weird to see Jordan in something other than Jordans. To a lesser extent, really weird to see the NBA on TBS logo.

Anyway, I’m not letting this post get away with a couple more MJ links Jack sent me — his interactive articles on the RedEye commemorating Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday last year — The evolution of Michael Jordan’s commercial character (a nice compliment to my piece of all of the Jordan commercials in one video) and my favorite one: Michael Jordan’s 10 underappreciated achievements. Even for me, a huge Jordan fan, I learned some things from that article that properly puts into perspective just how amazing Michael Jordan was in his illustrious career. Oh, and “5:30 Simpsons 6: Seinfeld 6:30 Jordan” was definitely the routine. All must-reads, and those videos will keep you busy today. Enjoy!

Penny wearing the first Pennys, 1995
Penny wearing the first Pennys, 1995


Nike Chicago BHM Panel Discussion Recap

The power of one can inspire millions.

– Diane Latiker (Founder, Kids Off The Block)

At the top of the month, I had the privilege to join Nike Chicago for a private event to kick off Black History Month. It was a panel discussion centered upon sharing past experiences and talking about creating change and uplifting our youth. It’s no secret that Chicago faces many problems of America’s urban cities and the event was a great way to use the inspiration and energy of leaders past toward working together for a brighter future.

The quote above, by founder of Kids Off The Block’s Diane Latiker, is a perfect summation of that. Her positivity was echoed by former SLAM editor-in-chief and current ESPN Chicago columnist Scoop Jackson about the sport that brings many of our youth together: basketball. Scoop even said he “always uses basketball as a metaphor of life”, describing his observations of Chicago as a basketball city that appreciates the game a lot more. I recall him describing how basketball is a hands-on way of learning how to develop friendships, a business mentality, and various social situations, especially in Chicago where everybody plays basketball even if they don’t know how to play basketball. It was really great insight into our culture from someone who has seen it and followed it closely for years.

Joining Diane and Scoop in the discussion was our blogging colleague Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive and Na-Tae’ Thompson, co-founder of True Star Magazine The discussion was the main part of the event that also showcased and gifted the attendees with a pair of shoes from Nike’s new BHM sneaker line that has an emphasis on sport royalty. New colorways of the latest LeBrons, Melos, and KDs are now available, and more info and photos in addition to those above in the gallery can be seen here.

All in all, it was a great event to showcase the new line to compliment an uplifting, and timely discussion. Hopefully there will be more to come for the community sooner than later! Thanks to the staff at Nike Chicago.

All Air Jordan Commercials in 1 video

Happy Birthday MJ! As our form of celebration, here’s a video I stumbled upon today: all of the Air Jordan commercials in one video. That’s right, you’ll get sucked in for potentially all 30 minutes of every Air Jordan commercial ever created, beginning with the Air Jordan I that was banned by the NBA. Man, I got sucked in because I love the 80s retro style in general and Nike’s narrator back in the day. And oh yeah, because Michael Jordan is sort of a hero of mine. Enjoy!