Kanye West reveals album title

‘So Help Me God’

UPDATE: Kim Kardashian says this 13th century symbol for the Virgin Mary is the cover for “All Day”, implying that it’s not the album.

Sick artwork for All Day! It's the 13th century symbol for the Virgin Mary #SoHelpMeGod http://smarturl.it/YeezyAllDay

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There ya have it. In one fell swoop of a tweet, Kanye kicks off the month of March with the album title and artwork above.

Also today, Kanye’s run in Europe continues with another performance of “Only One” with another clean set and lighting accompanying it. Diggin’ this one as well along with the Skavlan performance yesterday.

And finally, Vic Mensa played “All Day” out in London and here’s our first full listen of the explicit version below. Pretty solid quality so if you can’t wait til the CDQ drops, give this a play below.

Kanye West “Only One” LIVE on Skavlan

Kanye continues his mini press/performance run out in Europe with a visit to Norweigan/Swedish talk show Skavlan and puts down perhaps his best rendition of “Only One” yet.

The platform Kanye stood on was singularly lit, then started changing form like it was the dress. (Hey, it’s timely. …I’ll never speak of it again.)

But this was seriously really cool and was the chief factor for the cleanest stage set up that Kanye has had for “Only One” yet. On top of that, he performed the song with the extra level of emotion you may expect. I love how he blended some words together in the second verse especially and the heavy use of autotune overall certainly works here. Straight up, it’s a must-see above.

BONUS: On my Friday night in, I went on a throwback Kanye live performance run on YouTube. Here are a couple videos that I was vibing with like I was seeing them for the first time.

“Blame Game” f/ John Legend at SXSW 2010 (I’ve actually never seen this.)

And “Power” on SNL when he debuted that new second verse that reigns even more powerfully than the other verses today (pun intended.) Sit back and enjoy ’em all!

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How Kanye & Paul created “Only One”

2015 is not even two days in and Kanye West has already set the year of music off right with his emotional, love-filled ballad in the perspective of his late mom, Donda, and featuring Paul McCartney.

ICYMI: Stream “Only One” at kanyewest.com and read my review here

Following the song are a few neat details of how “Only One” came together from Kanye & Paul. Transcribed via Team Kanye Daily:

The whole process began when Kanye and McCartney worked together in a bungalow in Los Angeles brainstorming ideas. McCartney sat and played the keyboards while Kanye vocally created ideas from his mind.

While the song played in the background, Kanye was holding North on his lap singing “Hello, my only one.” It may sound unbelievable, but Kanye couldn’t recall singing those words and realized that maybe they didn’t really come from him.

He than realized that the words he was singing, came from his late mother, Donda West“My mom was singing to me, and through me to my daughter,” he said.

Kanye kept singing “Hello my only one…just like the morning sun…you’ll keep on rising till the sky knows your name,” while the small group of people in the room listened on.

While in the room, Kanye explained that his name “Kanye,” which his mother gave him from a book of African names means, “only one”

Through that, everyone realized that something special happened that day and a message was passed down through generations.

Whoo, doesn’t that make the song that much more powerful? I remember a previous anecdote along these lines about Kanye’s middle name Omari, but didn’t connect that Kanye meant “Only One”, which adds an energy to the title already.

And I absolutely 100% believe that Kanye was singing through his late mother Donda. Kanye’s voice and the sound of the track as a whole contains an extra presence that I, amongst many other listeners, really feel. It’s a story like this that may open up our ears and hearts even more or for the first time to experience this track. I highly suggest you run it back now if you’ve read this far. Powerful stuff.



And on a lighter note… haha!