Andre 3000 talks Hendrix, OutKast, Raury

Andre 3000 interviews abound in this post – two of them to be exact as he first sat down with Life + Times for a great, revealing transcribed conversation that primarily centered around Hendrix (and his well-received performance), but also touching on an OutKast/solo album and recent comparisons to him with up and comer Raury (which I can totally see too). Scroll below for a few quotables and his sit-down with David Letterman last night.


On whether the engrossing himself with all things Hendrix has inspired his artistry in a way that could lead to another OutKast or solo album:

“I can’t say that there was a huge revelation from playing Hendrix in the movie. I think it just was a great experience that I went through. It was challenging considering that I don’t really consider myself an actor in that way. I consider myself more of an opportunist who got to play Jimi Hendrix and put my all into it. But I can’t say I walked away with any life-changing thing. As far as an Outkast album, we don’t have any plans to do one. After this tour though, I’ve been thinking about recording this album that I always wanted to record. We’re both working on solo albums. Big Boi is damn near through with his next album. I think after we finish this last show on October 31st in New Orleans. I’d love to get in the studio and see if I can conjure up something.”

On Raury comparisons:

“There’s a fair comparison with Raury. I think Raury is stepping out and pushing it though. That’s fair considering he’s not a straight and narrow kind of artist and going for his own thing. I just saw him the other day when he opened up for us in Atlanta and I think he’s a dreaming artist with good ideas and I hope he’ll grow and we give him his room to grow. The biggest thing I would tell him is fuck listening to everybody and just go for it. I hate when people try to compare artists because we are all totally different individuals and we all grow.”

Outkast Closes out Lollapalooza Day 2

Outkast shows no mercy for their crowd following and this is good. They did not come to Lolla to just play the crowd pleasers, they were ready to thank the fans that go way back!

photo courtesy of CBS News Chicago
photo courtesy of CBS News Chicago

As a devoted fan since the beginning, ’93, Outkast has forever been one of those nostalgic acts.  However, their come back tour has been tainted with terrible reviews of their first concert back together the first weekend of Coachella earlier this year. Hearing this was still not going to stop me.

photo courtesy of CBS News Chicago
photo courtesy of CBS News Chicago
They opened with the ultimate crowd pleaser, “B.O.B.” and eventually really got into their groove 20 minutes in.  They hit all the good stuff and Big Boi’s lyrics were as Krispy as krispy can get. Andre of course, sports his iconic wigs.  The crowd went and got drink refills or left to see Calvin Harris when the ATL duo played their throwback records from their ’94 album southernplayaisticadillacmuzik including Players Ball and took us out of this world with hits from ATLiens. And of course, they had to play Skew It On the Bar-B. The ATLiens slowed it down with Sorry Miss Jackson and then ended their set with The Whole World.

Were they the best show at Lolla so far? No, that was Eminem.
Are they back and are everything I ever expected and more? Yes.

In the end, I think it is easy for others to say that Outkast’s set wasn’t as hyped as it could have been, but they were not going reunite to only play crowd pleasers. The duo has aged well and definitely were playing for the fans that have been with them from the start… not the teenagers that have seemed to taken over Lolla.

Full Setlist
1. B.O.B.
2. Gasoline Dreams
3. ATLiens
4. Skew It on the Bar-B
5. Rosa Parks
6. Da Art of Storytellin’, Part 1
7. Aquemini
(with Sleepy Brown)
8. SpottieOttieDopaliscious
9. Ms. Jackson
10. Kryptonite (I’m on It)
(Purple Ribbon All-Stars cover)
11. GhettoMusick
12. The Way You Move
13. She Lives in My Lap
14. Prototype
15. Hey Ya!
16. Hootie Hoo
17. Crumblin’ Erb
18. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
19. Player’s Ball
20. Elevators (Me & You)
21. Roses
22. So Fresh, So Clean
(with Sleepy Brown)
23. Int’l Player’s Anthem (I Choose You)
(Underground Kingz cover)
24. The Whole World

(Title image courtesy of Getty Images)

Kanye West, OutKast, more: Life is Beautiful

The 2nd annual Life Is Beautiful Festival is set to hit downtown Las Vegas this October and the lineup is as premiere as any festival this summer. As the headline reads, Kanye West and OutKast are in, and amongst the headliners that also feature Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, and Skrillex. More hip hop and R&B are represented by Lionel Richie, The Weeknd, The Roots, G-Eazy, DJ Mustard, and Dizzy Wright.

Last year’s festival brought 60,000 attendees to a part of downtown Las Vegas that many tourists are likely unfamiliar with. It’s near the Strip and Old Strip, but nothing like it as you can sense from the sweet recap video below. The festival also features many learning talks and celebrity guest chefs for further mental enrichment and tasty nourishment. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, and one of the co-founders of Downtown Project, is expecting over 100,000 people this coming Fall, as stated in a talk of his I attended last week at the AIA Convention (more on that soon…) Get a sense of what to expect this year with the video once again beneath… it’s only going to get bigger in 2014 as late October is now the go-to travel weekend to Vegas this Fall.

OutKast adds Kid Cudi & Childish Gambino to ATL concert

Last week, the news of OutKast‘s Atlanta homecoming broke with the caveat that special guests were still to be announced. Today, two of my current favorite artists are announced as said opening guests for an Atlanta show that I want to teleport to ASAP come September. Kid Cudi and Childish Gambino, plus Raury will open for OutKast. Kid Cudi, excitedly tweeted this:

Dream come true opening for Outkast, holy fu-k lets go!

Awesome. ATL, don’t miss this.

OutKast announces Atlanta homecoming

No need to fret any longer ATLiens. After seeing OutKast tabbed to headline countless festivals not in Atlanta this summer, the duo announced today that they will be heading home… and it looks like it’ll be the appropriate grand homecoming.

The venue: Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park on Sept. 27. Wow. Quite the venue, indeed. According to Billboard, Outkast will curate the show, with addition performers to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Says André 3000:

Coming from Atlanta gave us the freedom to be whatever we ever wanted to be because no one was paying attention. Now that everyone is, we want to say thank you.

Visit the dedicated website at for more tidbits leading up to the concert, and of course, tickets when they go on sale on June 18 at 10am ET.