Entourage Soundtrack revealed

Entourage has always been cash money to the fullest when it comes to music. They were ahead of their time in breaking artists just about to blow and throwing it back to some classics for the perfect soundtrack to a scene.

Probably my favorite was Ari Gold’s first ever legendary scene in Season 1 set to The Roots “Don’t Say Nuttin”.

Today, the soundtrack for the movie out in just a week on June 3rd, is revealed via FanDango and it’s accompanied by track-by-track commentary from the series’ long-time music supervisor and curator, Scott Vener.

There are some classics for sure, but I feel like it would have been complete with 1 or 2 all-new hip hop tracks made just specifically for the movie. Looks like we’ll be exposed to some other new artists though. Can’t wait for the movie, overall!

1. Royal Blood – “Figure It Out”

“This track has a ton of attitude and seemed like the right way to announce ‘the boys are back’!”

2. Jane’s Addiction – “Superhero”

“It’s the theme song – We can’t have an Entourage film without the theme!”

3. Diplo & DJ Snake – “Drop” (feat. Big Freedia)

“It’s Diplo & DJ Snake. Who’s making better party music than them right now? They’re on fire and it fits well with the lifestyle we wanted to portray for Vince and his friends.”

4. A-Trak – “Push” (feat. Andrew Wyatt)

“I’ve always loved this song and have been trying to find it a home for a long time. I’m glad it was in Entourage!”

5. Du Tonc – “Darkness”

“This has been one of my sleeper favorite songs in a while and it works PERFECT in the movie. Everyone needs to hear it and watch the video!”

6. Pharrell Williams – “Hunter”

“With a Pharrell cameo we needed a Pharrell song. This is one of my favorites of his last album.”

7. Mobb Deep feat. Big Noyd – “Give Up The Goods (Just Step)”

“Turtle always drives to the best hip-hop. This is some of the best hip-hop there is.”

8. Tha Dogg Pound – “What Would U Do?”

“Ari needed some attitude and there’s nothing kicks ass more than Tha Dogg Pound.”

9. Allison Taylor – “Bells”

“When Emily Ratajkowski drives Vince in her Ferrari it was only right that we played this beautiful song by a brand-new artist that is sure to make heads turn.”

10. Tame Impala – “Elephant”

“This song works to perfection. I have to give all the credit to the editor on this one.”

11. Jim Jones – “We Fly High”

“Ari kicking ass again… Needs no explanation.”

12. Noreaga – “Superthug”

“This is arguably one of the best beats Pharrell ever made. It was only right Ari got to be the ‘Superthug’ coming to get what’s his.”

13. The National – “I Need My Girl”

“We were trying to make you cry in this scene. The National knows how to do that perfectly.”

14. Mase – “Feel So Good”

“I’m not going to tell you who wins but when he does ‘It feels so good.'”

The music #entouragemovie #june3

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Marlon Wayans “Happy” Lip Sync Battle

Of course Marlon Wayans had to break out the Pharrell hat too, right?

Here’s a sneak peak at the entertaining new Lip Sync Battle with Marlon emulating Pharrell’s “Happy”. Looks good so far! He’ll be battling Queen Latifah who is set to channel some LL Cool J tomorrow (Thursday).

Snoop Dogg on new generation of hip hop

I love Future, Migos, I love all them. Drake. They my ni*gas, but I don’t know who is who when the record is over. When I came out as a rapper, everyone had their own style.

– Snoop Dogg #Analysis

Anyone else out there nodding their head? This comment comes from a deep profile and interview with Snoop Dogg via Pigeons & Planes (photo credit too) and it’s all worth your time. This is the quotable that certainly went viral from it though.

Elsewhere in Snoop world with Bush now available is a live performance on The Voice with Pharrell. Here’s “California Roll”.

Snoop Dogg ‘Bush’ (Album Stream)

UPDATE: Bush can now be streamed in full here on iTunes Radio.

The two biggest features are below including “I’m Ya Dogg” featuring Kendrick Lamar & Rick Ross and “California Roll” featuring Stevie Wonder (on harmonica) & Pharrell (on the hook). Good vibes like much of the rest of the album already. Press play and cop the album May 12th.



1. “California Roll” feat. Stevie Wonder
2. “This City”
3. “R U a Freak”
4. “Awake”
5. “So Many Pros”
6. “Peaches N Cream” feat. Charlie Wilson
7. “Edibles” feat. T.I.
8. “I Knew That”
9. “Run Away” feat. Gwen Stefani
10. “I’m Ya Dogg” feat. Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross


Raury “Fly” f/ Malik Shakur

Raury’s message is one we can all understand and believe in ‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬

– Pharrell

Raury’s latest audio release came a few months ago and paid tribute to the likes of Eric Garner and Michael Brown while also expressing some desires for his unborn son. Overall, it promotes a message that Pharrell himself succinctly said on Facebook this afternoon, sharing the all-new video for “Fly” featuring Malik Shakur above.

The video becomes an effective, animated, history lesson that drives home the message even more. No doubt you’ll be moved by this… much respect, Raury.

*Tibs Fav.

Pharrell & Jimmy Fallon as an 80s R&B group

This also happened on Late Night last night. Pharrell & Jimmy Fallon as an 80s R&B group and it’s actually pretty believable.

In the serious sit-down, Pharrell also talked about working on Missy Elliott’s next album. Happening for sure now.