Phife Dawg “Dear Dilla”

Not lost on the Dilla tributes of the last week is Phife Dawg‘s new video talking to the legendary producer with “Dear Dilla”. As you can imagine, this has a throwback vibe to it right away with Phife telling a story of old times and how much Jay Dee means to him and hip hop. It’s J Dilla’s resilience that motivates Phife and countless others today — to keep working and doing what you love no matter the circumstance. Phife says just as much before breaking into rhyme as he himself is set in a hospital bed (watching an appropriate blowout from the Bulls over his hometown Knicks, ha!). The hometown’s Konee Rok directs and adds some nice ATCQ style animations to match the rawness of the scratching hook. That merge was a highlight for me. Cameos also include Dwele and Ali Shaheed Muhammad amongst others with the video being shot in Chicago and Dilla’s home of Detroit. Stay tuned all the way through for the full credits and how we find out more about diabetes and lupus.

*Tibs Fav.