A-Trak shares Kid Cudi collab origin

Just catching wind of A-Trak’s TBT/FBF instagram yesterday… he found an old e-mail from 2007 between him and Plain Pat, asking about one Kid Cudi. You know the rest.

But it really is crazy/cool to read how it formed… just like this:

(Bonus points for this Ralph Wiggum icon too. Ha!)

Kid Cudi MOTM3 in progress…

The Man on the Moon series is officially continuing… Installment number 3 is underway after Cudi, over Twitter, successfully assembled the team like Will Ferrell in Anchorman.

Above is Cud pictured in the studio with Emile today, just one day after receiving confirms from Plain Pat & A-Trak that they’re in to start working on the album. Dot Da Genius, presumably too. I’m trying to remain even-keeled but these people making music together has a high success rate. Keep MOTM3 in the back of your mind as 2015 progresses…