Porter Robinson ‘Worlds’ LIVE Tour

I’m all-in on a well-crafted behind the scenes video — this one comes from Porter Robinson who lets us in on the escapism, fiction visuals that he aims to bring to the live experience to match the sound and aesthetic of his new album, Worlds. It’s the electronic DJ’s first tour and as you can see from these visuals, he’s going all out. I love the concept and colors from the preview we get and I’m in on when/if he comes to Chicago. It’d be cool to see my favorite song and first impression of Porter Robinson — “Fellow Feeling” — come to life!

Porter Robinson “Fellow Feeling”

Recently in a studio session with S-Preme, we were bouncing off some new tunes we had in our playlists and the first one he brought up was Porter Robinson‘s “Fellow Feeling” and said something to the effect that it was one of the craziest songs in the world. He speaks the truth. The electronic music producer is known for bucking the trend and on this standout from Worlds, he actually brings in the song with about 2 minutes of a cinematic, symphonic orchestra. This, simply on its own, is in fact quite beautiful.

Then, a 1 minute transition occurs with some uptempo dance elements entering and soon accompanied by an eerie female voice. Listen to what she’s saying! The song… well, actually, I don’t want to spoil the subsequent twists and turns. Find out for yourself and zone out to Porter Robinson “Fellow Feeling” below. This is out of a movie!

*Tibs Fav.