Dylan Tran ‘CocaineTears’

This man finally dropped this project!!! “CocaineTears” is finally out!!! From the beginning I had said Dylan Tran will be one of the most respected producers in the game in a short time, press play on the first song and you will know just what I mean. This crazy ambient to jazzy to sexy sounding project is just what has been missing in music. Dylan Tran being the in-house producer for Two-9, he has finally took his time to shine and deliver something so pure and beautiful. Having only 3 artists on their including Jace and Curtis Williams, its was Rellajamu who was able to compliment Dylan’s sound all the way through with his style of rapping. Don’t be late and don’t pass this over, too much has gone into this and it is too great to be overlooked. Take a listen to “CocaineTears”, an incredibly refreshing project by Dylan Tran.






Dylan Tran “

Recently Atlanta has been making some noise in the hip hop world, a lot of that thanks to Two-9.  The main face of Two-9 being Curtis Williams has a whole movement coming with him, aside from being apart of Two-9, he has his own brand called “PTA” (PassTheAmmo) which is pretty much a bunch of other rappers/producers doing their thing.  Dylan Tran is someone i have been in contact with for a little while now, for a Valentines day special he dropped “<3.theory” a track off his up coming project “Cocaine Tears”.  This beat is very fitting for Valentines Day, it is a bit slower and relaxed but the drums on this are just so dope, you can tell Dylan has a lot of versatility.  I am really excited to hear more from him and what he has to offer.