Keiya “Diamond”

Chicago R&B singer Keiya releases her latest single “Diamond”, a track that she self-produced and will be featured on her forthcoming EP that is dropping this winter.

Izzy Rythm “Be Around”

Chicago singer/emcee Izzy Rythm drops his latest single with “Be Around”, a jazz fusion production by Cargo FL. As for Izzy’s forthcoming project Coffee & Broccoli EP, expect that to drop in the near future and make major waves.

Bando Jonez “Sex You”

Bando Jonez definitely knows how to break the ice! As the ball dropped to bring in the year of 2014, the new R&B sensation Bando Jonez, brought us all a track to enjoy. His new hit single “Sex You” has been the talk amongst the majors. With his single being on the fast track to greatness, it was only right that this young gentleman release a visual, for those who love this track.

In this visual, the “southern raised” singer begins the video by presenting his musical talent.  Playing the piano and using his instrument like voice to complement the fine tune he plays, this young gentleman shows that he has a true gift in singing. As the video proceeds, the stylish singer serenades a beautiful woman as she dances along to his vocals. With continuous scenery changes from a hotel hall, to the inside of a factory, the attention to the video seems to be pretty creative.

This is a pretty interesting video. For this to be his introduction to the world, Bando Jonez did a pretty good job. I look forward to seeing what he will present to us next. Take a look at the new “Sex You” video and let us know what you think.

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Izzy Rythm “Out of Reach”

Chicago singer/songwriter, Izzy Rythm drops a strong release within “Out of Reach”, a track that discusses slowly losing those around those as he illustrates in his lyrics, “How can you be so close, and feel so far away?” This track here is a gem.