Rem Koolhaas designing new SF tower

Dutch starchitect Rem Koolhaas is coming to San Francisco as it was announced today that his team, led by developers Related California, were chosen by the city to design a 550-foot residential tower in the heart of San Fran on Folsom Street (between First and Fremont streets).

The new tower will, of course, be a mixed-use building consisting of condos and rental apartments, of which 27 percent must be affordable to residents making 60 percent of the area’s median income ($58,250 for a family of four, according to SFGate.)


That’s right, Lloyd! You and I may actually have a chance to afford a swanky apartment in the fast-rising, high-cost heart of San Francisco.

There is only one rendering of the Koolhaas tower online (above) and from the looks of it, more of Rem’s signature diagonals form the building’s shape. I love the silhouette of both the building on the corner and the high-rise (of what we can see) and the subtle addition of greenery is a nice touch as well. I’ve certainly got my eyes peeled to developments on this project. Should be a fascinating final product.

And for those hip hop fans/casual design fans who may know the name Rem Koolhaas, but not sure from where… He’s likely familiar to you because Kanye West has long praised the architect and even appears in Tomas Koolhaas’ (Rem’s son) documentary.

Architecture in The Simpsons

By now, even the most casual Gowhere reader knows my extreme Simpsons fandom. I have been splicing in Simpsons references and hilarious GIFs when appropriate throughout the daily music posts and the Design section.

But nothing as cool as this.

Urban Architecture Now compiled an amazing, detailed set of screencaps of Simpsons episodes over the years that have spotlighted some of the world’s most iconic built landmarks. The Simpsons even had Frank Gehry and Rem Koolhaas ‘Simpsonized’ as guest stars. Scroll through the gallery above and see the various fun instances of everything from the Guggenheim, to the High Line, to the world’s next star architect: Maggie Simpson.

h/t to my dad, Papa Tibs, for e-mailing me this link.