Goodbye Tomorrow “The Way” (Short Film)

On the heels of one of my favorite albums from anyone in 2015 this past August, we have hands down the coolest visuals I’ve seen for a music video yet this year.

Goodbye Tomorrow takes one of their strongest gems from their self-titled debut — “The Way” — and turns it into a video game infused, sci-fi action thriller. Label it a music video if you like, but it plays off much bigger than that. It’s really a 7 minute short film, with the budget and technical execution of a major motion picture.

The song, heard in full below, is spliced through much of the video and becomes the soundtrack to the story that plays out. It pits the Rebels and our young Neo-esque leader “Q’Seem” vs. Zero, leader of The Million, which represent the evil machines you can associate to the many corporations, or even individuals, you may encounter in life who try to control you. Q’Seem represents you, the youth, and The Way.

I’ll let the story unfold from there as I marvel at the many superb technical aspects that make this video have the proper, cinematic feel. Let’s see… how about all of the cool, custom designed video game allusions? Throwback to the 80s and 90s combined with a Call of Duty style presentation to the real-life scenes. They also must’ve had drones or choppers for some of the breathtaking aerial scenes that capture the hometown Chicago in the distance. Visually, how ’bout the color correction too? And then the score of the entire short film itself, hitting the right mood and amplifying the scale of each scene. Take note of every detail really, all the way through to the credits at the end. (A deep dive into the easter eggs reveals Rick Wayne the director.)

Overall, it’s the message too: powerful and inspiring for anyone to take control of their own life. Here’s the message/video breakdown, in their own words, said to Noisey.

“Døn͢’t givë̠̠ in͓ tø dü̠̠ality⃔. ₸he wo͛®ld i$ not sø b⃕la¢k and white͙. peÅce №t ¢om͓prømis⃒e… The concept of the video is the fucking truth…like, that’s the truth, that’s how the world actually is. It’s actually evil motherfuckers that are machine ass niggas that take you and program you. That’s the real truth, every day that shit happens. They wanna tame motherfuckers and put niggas into a box because if we’re pre-programmed to be a certain way then it’s easier to control what we’ll think and what we do. Until you see that, there’s no way to stop it, no outside help, it only come from you. That’s what you can take away from the video, song, album, all that. It’s just about the battle for your true self. You can’t never let somebody tell you who you are, what you are, what you can or can’t do, none of that. All the external, worldly, temporary shit is just a trick to get you off the way and shit.

¯_(ツ)_/¯  “

Press play, hit the full screen button, and press the *popcorn* button on the microwave. Do that, maybe in reverse actually. Ha!


The sleek movie poster… can we have a sequel?!

(taken from the album below…)

ICYMI: Goodbye Tomorrow: A Journey Through the Mind of a Non-Believer (Album Stream)

Bobby Puma f/ Natalie Major “Someone Somewhere (Tiësto Edit)”

The video of the day goes here, narrowly, over the one in the previous post (be resourceful, scroll down :)) and it’s for a song outside of the hip hop realm that I didn’t expect to like this much.

“Someone Somewhere” is Tiësto‘s latest edit as he adds his stylings to Bobby Puma and talented vocalist Natalie Major. The way she belts “I’m lookin for someone.. somewhere” is all things simple, relatable, and perfectly delivered.

The hook sets the tone for a storytelling visual directed by Rick Wayne, who’s worked most recently with the mysterious Chicago collective Goodbye Tomorrow. This video is opposite theirs, yet uniquely powerful just the same. Plus, I’d be remiss not to mention some of the nicely executed technical shots, especially all of these overhead looks at some of the beautiful California nature.

Watch above, as all the artists combine to tell the story of a young woman who finds that someone.. somewhere.



(…And if you’re wondering guys, the ladies are Delaney Blac & Carter Cruise.)