Rotimi & 50 Cent “Lotto (Remix)” LIVE

The STARZ drama POWER airs on Saturdays and one of our favorite young artists we’ve followed since his days at Northwestern is Rotimi. The singer has landed many big-name acting roles with POWER alongside 50 Cent is most recent. You can catch them on the show… and now on stage together as the two premiered their new remix to Rotimi’s “Lotto” below.

So if you’re keeping track at home, that’s 50 adding some raps to the original. Great looks continue for Ro as I’m sure this is one of those big career highlight moments to not only make music with 50 Cent, but also star alongside him. More to come from these two for sure…

Rotimi “Lotto”

Good to hear some new tunes from Rotimi. We’ve seen him grow from singing into acting in the past few years, landing notable roles including on the Starz show Power, CBS’ upcoming show, Battle Creek, the T.I./Kelsey Grammar show Boss, and Divergent. Just check his IMDB page.

The acting is continuing and now the music is resuming with an upcoming debut EP Rotation and “Lotto” being the first single. It’s a catchy add for your R&B rotation with my favorite highlight coming with the blends into the hook. Tune in below.