Cove 3 in South Africa

SAOTA is one of my favorite architecture firms and specialize in breathtaking luxury residences across the globe. The latest that caught my eye is Cove 3 in South Africa above. It features SAOTA’s characteristic infinity pool with an infinity view and is unique to their other projects given the location and the beautiful wood and stone-laden materials on the interior. Every space inside looks clean and spacious, in fact. Just browse through the gallery for looks at the bed, bath, living area and the gorgeous outdoor photos as well.


More info/pics via ArchDaily.

A South African Home by SAOTA

Here is another amazing home that I want to spotlight from one of my favorite architecture firms, SAOTA. Named “Plett 6541+2” (I’d like to volunteer my services for naming these amazing homes), SAOTA once again utilizes the beach-front site to work with large and wide views from the structure. Large glass surfaces or openings, combined with some more horizontally-focused cantilevers, are evident to experience the site and are aesthetically pleasing facades as well. I love the firm’s overall style as “Plett”, finished in 2010, is another pin-drop across the globe that I’d love to see in person one day. 

h/t ArchDaily

Nettleton 198 | SAOTA

I’m excited to introduce a fresh Architecture section to the blog as, wait for it… fun fact… I actually have a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Minnesota (Go Gophers!). So architecture, and design in general, is still a strong inspiration to me, and many, to think creatively. Architecture is continually cited by many musicians (Kanye West comes to mind… remember his blog?) as an influence in their art; in a lot of subtle ways, architecture is an influence in the website you see before you, Gowhere Hip Hop. I’m excited to spotlight some new and existing projects across the world – some all-time and future *Tibs Favs. (so to speak, hah!) that catch my eye. Hope you enjoy.

For starters, I’m spotlighting a new, 6-bedroom house in Cape Town, South Africa titled ‘Nettleton 198’ – designed by one of my favorite firms SAOTA (I’ve blogged about them on my personal tumblr page a couple times). As you can browse in the slideshow above, there are some gorgeous views and the overall design adapts to the existing site so the user can experience the natural features from within the house. In general, I love the incorporation of water, open views, wide and large glass windows… Nettleton has it all. And most definitely, this gorgeous structure is on the short list of my ‘Tibs’ Future Places to Live In’ text file, hah. More info and pics via ArchDaily.