Eminem “Phenomenal” (Lyric Video)

Ironically, the all-new lyric video to “Phenomenal” came at a perfect time for me today.

As I mentioned in my last post, the new Eminem single off Southpaw started to grow on me after seeing the Draymond Green Beats commercial throughout the Finals. This is in stark contrast to my mediocre first impression.

Well, even since then, “Phenomenal” has grown into my pump up jam of the moment and today I had to Google the lyrics to finally understand what the uncredited female singer is saying in the last bridge before the 3rd verse. The first part of it always resonated powerfully with me and now it does on another level. Sure enough I was able to find out with the lyric video above — featuring that good, old school boxing promo type face to drive home the Southpaw underground, boxing theme. Enjoy, as the movie draws closer to release next month, and the music video to come soon.

*Tibs Fav. now for sure.

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New Eminem in ‘Southpaw’ trailer

Up above is the all-new, first look trailer at Southpaw — starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams (love her.) Gyllenhaal is a boxer with a wife and a daughter, but after a tragedy he turns to drugs and alcohol before cleaning up and planning one more comeback. The story has more depth than what I just surmised in just the trailer above so watch and see some of the other events that unfold. In fact, it may have given away too much but I am absolutely hooked and want to see this movie now (so job well done, trailer makers.) Plus, if you can’t draw a parallel to Eminem here…

As you can see, the headline is indeed part of the reason for posting too. Eminem prefaced sharing the trailer as a “sneak peak of some new stuff I’ve been working on.” The song, at the end, sounds pretty good so far and I wonder if it’ll stick over the long-term more than “Guts Over Fear” ended up doing for me and the masses last year.

Also starring in the movie by the way: Forest Whitaker, 50 Cent (you’ll see him in the trailer), and not in the trailer but on IMDB: Rita Ora and Tyrese.