Spike Lee filming new ‘Chiraq’ movie in Chicago

Wow, look at this news. Spike Lee x Chiraq?!

Now, I’m not a fan of declaring our great city Chiraq due to the gun violence that’s been well-documented over the past few years especially. But I accept that it’s been a part of the culture too and if Spike Lee is going to make a film about it, I think he would be the right guy. (At least a right guy.) Let’s see where he goes with this (and even if the title will hold up?)

The news today came via the Chicago Tribune and The Wrap, who additionally reported that Spike is seeking to cast Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Piven, and none other than Kanye West & Common. This, this would also be cool. Story developing…

The Chicago Tribune reports that Lee was in Chitown back in January conducting research with the help of St. Sabina pastor Rev. Michael Pfleger.

“Thanks to Director/Actor Spike Lee,” Pfleger wrote on his Facebook page. “Who spent the day at St. Sabina yesterday talking and interviewing….People who cover the violence, Principals who deal with violence in and around their schools, Brothers from the Blocks who live in it every day and Parents who have lost their children to Violence…..He spent the day from early morning till late in the night….listening and asking questions to try and get a deeper understanding of the plague of violence. Thanks Spike for caring and wanting to understand.”

As a bonus, passing this along via this XXL story as well.

‘Ye recently moved from his longtime agent Cara Lewis and CAA to United Talent Agency (UTA). He’s reportedly looking to increase his profile in the feature world. He had a cameo in Anchorman 2 and has a role in Ben Stiller‘s Zoolander sequel. Common recently won an Oscar for best original song with “Glory” for the movie Selma. He also co-stars in Jaume Collet-Serra’s new movie Run All Night. He is repped by CAA.

(And oh yeah… of course I had to hit ya with the appropriate #TBT photo down below.)


Spike Lee Releases “Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus” Online

Spike Lee’s is one of the greatest of all time! If you don’t think so, you should peep the resume. However, in 1990 Spike was snubbed at the Oscar’s, not even getting a nomination for “Do The Right Thing.” That year a little film called “Driving Miss Daisy” won the award for Best Picture. This year we find Ava Duvernay in a similar position. After delivering the years most important film with “Selma,” Duvernay has been snubbed by the Academy Awards, not even receiving a nomination for the project.

Spike Lee took some time out to address the issue by telling Duvernay to “Fuck em!” and goes on to talk about “Driving Miss Daisy” saying, “That film is not being taught in film schools all across the world like ‘Do The Right Thing’ is. Nobody’s discussing ‘Driving Miss Motherf–kin’ Daisy’. So if I saw Ava today, I’d say, ‘You know what? Fuck ’em. You made a very good film, so feel good about that and start working on the next one.”

Spike Lee has also decided to release his latest project, “Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus,” a month ahead of its theatrical debut. I’m going to be watching the film tonight and you can as well. Spike has made it available to stream or purchase via 40Acres.com and Vimeo.

Mickey Factz “Detroit Red” (Trailer)

This is shaping up to be next-level.

For the video to his lead single off this summer’s 740 Park Avenue, “Detroit Red”, Mickey Factz is Malcolm X.

Like, literally depicted as him to the tee. Factz, sans his signature facial hair, really looks the part in the first preview we get of the upcoming video/mini-movie. Inspired by Spike Lee and Denzel Washington’s depiction, Factz will play Malcolm during his time as an NYC street hustler.

Really looking forward to how this turns out. Directed by Nadia Tayeh.


Kelly Rowland “The Game”

As part of Pepsi’s 11 track visual album Beats of the Beautiful Game to be released June 10, Kelly Rowland has dropped “The Game” to heighten anticipation for the football inspired project.

“The Game” features some stellar vocals by Kelly Rowland who is belting like never before. Amidst recording her 5th studio album & getting married to Tim Witherspoon, Kelly will also be releasing a short film for “The Game” directed by Spike Lee.

The visual album by Pepsi will feature Janelle Monae, Rita Ora, Timbaland & many more.


Scottie Pippen’s Ewing Dunk: 20 Years

Today marks another milestone day in Bulls Playoff history, that I’m glad to divert some of the attention I have on the present-day Eastern Conference Finals towards as well, hah!

That day, 20 years ago, May 20th, 1994 was Game 6 of the Bulls-Knicks ECF matchup and the last NBA game ever played at the old Chicago Stadium. With the Bulls down 3 games to 2, the team’s MVP (and league’s All-Star Game MVP that year), Scottie Pippen led the charge to force a deciding Game 7. Though the Bulls lost the series and a chance at the ’94 Finals, this play remains the iconic dunk and highlight of Scottie Pippen’s illustrious career.

Relive the dunk below and hear Scottie’s reflection on how he ended up walking over Patrick Ewing and the words he had for Spike Lee. Ahh, the nostalgia sets in right away.

Bulls.com marked the anniversary today with this must-read piece on the ’93-’94 season (and the dunk, of course) that represented Pippen’s continued growth into the superstar to support Michael in his return the following season. His words:

It was one of my greatest seasons. It wasn’t quite as successful of a season as we wanted, but I enjoyed the team and I loved my teammates. I enjoyed my growth and development as a player, as well as the leadership role that I had. It was the first time for me to be the clear cut star. I didn’t always have a chance to rise up when Michael was there, especially in my first three years. But by him stepping away a little bit, it gave me a little room to grow. And when he came back, it gave me an opportunity to stand beside him instead of standing below him.

Eminem “Headlights” (dir. Spike Lee)

Two legends collaborate for the first time as Eminem and Spike Lee link together in Detroit for the “Headlights” music video featuring Nate Ruess of fun.. This is Eminem’s most hard-hitting lyrical record off MMLP2 and, given his revealing, grateful feelings for his mother, it’s only natural the video premieres today on Mother’s Day. Enjoy these touching visuals of Em trying to reconnect with his estranged mother!

*Tibs Fav.