Steph Curry Showtime Assist vs. Lakers

It was a 4-game night in the NBA today and while many were watching Gronk was doing Gronk things, Steph Curry was doing Magic things in, of all places, L.A.

Peep this smooth Showtime style assist from Steph to cap off a 30 point, 15 assist night (in only 3 quarters). The Warriors went on to win 136-115 as the only bright spot for the Lakers was Kobe Bryant with a game-high 44 points (on 15-34 shooting). It was an oddly compelling and entertaining game to watch given the blowout because of Kobe’s shot count (24 FGAs at halftime) and the beautiful Warriors offense. Plus, there were moments like this.

Jack, possibly catching up on sleep.
Jack, possibly catching up on sleep.

Steph Curry full highlights vs. Rockets

The big game from last nite in the Association was the undefeated Warriors versus the undefeated Rockets. The two teams clashed with the Warriors coming out on top 98-87 for their fifth victory of the year. Leading the way was Steph Curry, who poured in a season-high 34 points, adding 10 rebounds, 5 assists, and 4 steals.

As you can see in the highlights above, Curry put the whole repertoire on display. Crafty dribble moves to get to the cup or the ounce of separation he needs for the ultra quick release. I counted about 4 or 5 shots I had to rewind so I just watched the highlights a couple times. Uncanny release. The Warriors are forreal this season. Look for them versus the Suns tonite to see if they can make it 6.

In other news, the superstar-to-be is here now, as Anthony Davis hits a big game-winner vs. the champion Spurs. He wouldn’t be denied for this layup with 6 seconds left, which proved to keep the Pelicans on top for an impressive road win.

Kobe’s Circus Shot vs. Warriors

With 12 games on the docket last night, I’ll focus on the one with the most highlights: Lakers vs. Warriors.

Kobe was Kobe last night, as @netw3rk puts it perfectly:

This, of course, came in a losing effort as Kobe ended up with 28 points in a 104-127 loss.

His shooting guard counterpart, Klay Thompson poured in a career high 41 points on impressive efficiency (14-18 shooting), and the other Splash Brother, Stephen Curry added 31 points and 10 assists. Some of their highlights, and another ridiculous shot from Kobe, are below.

NBA 2K15 — 2K Heroes Trailer

Here’s 2K’s new video — the always entertaining debate of who’s in your starting 5, or as they phrase it, “Unbeatable 5” resumes as sit-downs with KD, MJ himself, Steph Curry, and Shaq reveal who’s in theirs. I give the edge to MJ’s of the 4 (esp. over Steph’s 3-guard backcourt, haha).

Who is in your Unbeatable 5? I dropped mine on our Gowhere Community, weigh in here too.

Bill Wennington acting like he's seen MJ oop it over Kobe before...
Bill Wennington acting like he’s seen MJ oop it over Kobe before…

Steph Curry 3 makes Kobe Bryant smile

If you recall during last season, I broke up the Videos section with quick-hit highlights of essentially, the play of the night. Whether that was a thunderous jam, an acrobatic move, or a thrilling buzzer beater, we received some nice feedback from our hip hop loving NBA fans to catch a play they may have missed from the night before.

So… let’s run it back! And I’m early with it too because this first week of preseason has been yielding quite the highlights. Tonight’s is courtesy of Steph Curry who was on fire, even for him, tonight in Ontario, CA against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Above, we catch up with the blowout in the 3rd quarter with Kobe guarding Curry full court. The ensuing 3-pointer can’t help but make Kobe smile… and naturally, us smile.

That’s not all either. Curry started the game with 10 points in less than 2 minutes (!) — 3 3s, 1 of which was a 4 point play. Peep those in the video below.

I been Steph Curry with the shot, been cookin’ with the sauce, Chef Curry with the pot boy!

…this still isn’t old.

Keep it locked to for even more expansive NBA coverage with the season just a shade over 2 weeks away. Join in on the discussion as well in the NBA Talk group on our new Community too!

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UPDATE: Jamal Crawford making a 3 and staring down the bench also happened last night.