Gerald Green dunk vs. Nets

Gerald Green has made a case with this season’s dunks that he’s the best in-game dunker of them all. This one may be his most impressive yet, and you may not catch why on the initial viewing. The replay makes it even more phenomenal so give this a look-see above.

AND who ya got: Gerald Green above or Patrick Beverley vs. the Heat yesterday?

AND just cause I want to show my guy Steph Curry some love… this sequence was all sorts of filthy.

Pharrell new album ‘G I R L’ out March 3rd

What else would you do when you’re already atop the music world? Well, if you’re Pharrell… you drop a new album in less than a month of time. Sure, coming out a winner in the Grammys (for awards and head accessories) and earning rave reviews at the NBA All-Star Game is great and all, but why not a new album?

G I R L is announced late tonight via the trailer on I Am Other seen below (love these strings). The album will be out March 3rd, feature 10 tracks, with the lone preview being the universal hit “Happy”.

Speaking of “Happy”, the NBA did the best remix video for it this weekend in New Orleans. LeBron, Paul George, Steph Curry, Skylar Diggins all participate with Karl Malone possibly stealing the show. Enjoy that one below too.

ICYMI: Pharrell with Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, & Chad Hugo intros the NBA All-Stars [Video]

NBA All-Star Game Highlights

All-Star Weekend concluded last night with the main event: the NBA All-Star Game that saw an Eastern Conference 18 point comeback for a 163-155 victory. The East had a variety of contributors from LeBron of course, to Carmelo‘s record-setting 8 3-pointers, to Joakim Noah‘s clap-at-the-other-guy, intense defense (sweet that he played the 4th), and none better than the game’s MVP of Kyrie Irving who had 31 points and 14 assists (24 points in the 2nd half) and robbed Pharrell’s Red Hat of the honors along the way.

You know we had to hit you with some recap videos. Above is the game recap ICYMI. Below, a Phantom Cam rundown of Kyrie’s best plays (the scoop on Anthony Davis and clowning of Dwight Howard being my favorite), an all-star weekend top 10 rundown (Arne Duncan‘s pass and Steph‘s split the D also being a favorite there), and finally, why Benny The Bull is the all-star of mascots.

Oh… and one more…


Steph Curry game-winner vs. Celtics

First off, gotta love the atmosphere at the “Roaracle”. Every time I catch a Warriors game at home, the crowd is always loud and standing, yet it’s usually only the 3rd quarter. Tonight, it was rockin’ with the game tied and 11 seconds left.  Once Steph got the switch, there wasn’t any doubt. Watch the game-winner above.

In other NBA news tonight, the much-talked about (and very cool) nickname jerseys were debuted tonight in the Heat/Nets matchup that the latter won in an exciting 2OT thriller. The coolest of the jerseys was clearly “J. Shuttlesworth” and Ray Allen completed the nod in style by lacing up the “He Got Game XIIIs”. And oh yeah, ICYMI, Ray and Spike are talking about a sequel…