The Hood Internet “#ChicagoTakeover” [Mixtape]

The Hood Internet has embarked on a “#ChicagoTakeover” as he tours with ShowYouSuck & Auggie The 9th across Europe and drop a small EP in the process. Tracklist below.

1. Megazord (Showyousuck & Auggie the 9th x Trash Talk & The Alchemist)

2. Drifting (Showyousuck, Fluffy & Auggie the 9th x Cibo Matto)

3. Taco Avocado (Hologram Kizzie & Fluffy x Jamie Lidell)

4. Mon Ami (Showyousuck, Auggie the 9th, Hologram Kizzie & Gretta Rochelle of My Gold Mask x Ned Doheny)

5. This Place Is Magic (Fluffy & Hologram Kizzie x Queen)

Tinashe x The Hood Internet – One Step Over

Tinashe seems to have a knack for getting the hottest artists on her tracks. First she got ScHoolboy Q on her debut single, “2 On”, and now she has Chicago favorite The Hood Internet. I see you girl.

Having already liked Tinashe’s debut song with ScHoolboy Q and steadily feeling the sounds of Hood Internet since Manifest 2014, I was curious to see how the duo incorporated their own to Tinashe’s usual Pop/R&B vocals. The verdict? The song would be better as a straight instrumental from The Hood Internet.

As a Tinashe track, this song was less memorable compared to her song with ScHoolboy Q. Maybe I was expecting too much from her since she got ScHoolboy Q on but this song just didn’t do it for me. Her vocal abilities were great but I felt like her voice didn’t fit well with what The Hood Internet was bringing. Although she is great at creating catchy tracks, this track just lacked that special UHM (Okay, bad example of trying to convey sound through text but y’all feel me!) Where was that one special moment in the slow jam where you vibed out? For me, I couldn’t find it. But like I was saying, if this track was a stand-alone instrumental it would definitely be a good bump at parties.

And hence…did I fall in love with this track? NAH. Would I listen to them again individually while grubbing on some pizza at 2 AM? YEEEE. Should you listen to this jam anyways? OF COURSE, by all means check it out and do you. This is just the beginning for both Tinashe and The Hood Internet and as a rising name in the game, they definitely have the right connects to bring us even better tracks. Maybe Ty Dolla $ign? The Weeknd? Or my beloved SZA? Guess we gotta wait.