Will Smith & Jimmy Fallon “It Takes Two”

Jimmy Fallon’s on fire lately and his latest, sure to be viral spectacle with a celebrity is with none other than Will Smith.

As you can see from the headline, Will Smith & Jimmy Fallon perform Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock’s classic “It Takes Two”, but not from the start… rather from scratch.

Jimmy pulls out an iPad app called Loopy and he and Will beat box a few layers each and end up recreating the beat. Some impromptu raps later (with Will cleverly shouting out The Roots and their hometown) and they got the crowd on their feet. Very cool.

And a 2015 technological way to create some raw, organic hip hop. Hah, how bout that?

Sidebar: Will Smith’s new movie, Focus, looks pretty dope.

Big K.R.I.T. on Jimmy Fallon

Last night, Big K.R.I.T. was Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show musical guest and alongside Raphael Saadiq and The Roots, he performed his single “Soul Food” to the audience, donning an Andre 3000 jumpsuit tee. Doesn’t that all sound like good ingredients for the video above?

Big Sean f/ E-40 “IDFWU” on Fallon

Big Sean was tonight’s musical guest on an all-new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and he brought along E-40 for a performance of “IDFWU”, backed by The Roots.

How long do you think mothers across the country watched this with their kids and then changed the channel? The beginning of this song is unintentionally hilarious with all the editing.

Also unintentionally hilarious: Sean turned to dap up his DJ first and Fallon was left hanging for a split second. Good thing E-40 was on the other side. Ha!

(Is it me or is the performance ultra slowed down? Going to look for another version soon.)

Nicki Minaj f/ Skylar Grey on Fallon

Nicki Minaj was not only the musical guest on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but she also sat down for a brief sit-down with the host. My biggest takeaway was that she used to be a waitress at Red Lobster. Probably common knowledge to the Barbz, but that’s not me, haha.

The video above then contains her performance of “Bed of Lies” with Skylar Grey and The Roots. Nicki really let Skylar have the shine tonight and on this single in general. In fact, for all the extra parts that Skylar sings, it feels more and more like a Skylar Grey song featuring Nicki Minaj (no shade). I enjoy Skylar’s work, whether as a guest or solo, and apparently so does Russell Crowe (another takeaway from the interview). But Jimmy didn’t hear of her until recently — we gotta get ’em in check.

BONUS: Justin Timberlake also appeared on the show, in a sketch.


Logic on Jimmy Fallon

Big night for Logic as he continues to rise with the critically acclaimed debut album, Under Pressure. He landed the musical guest spot on Jimmy Fallon last night for his national TV debut as Fallon once again puts his neck out for new artists and gives them their first huge TV look. To top it off, Logic was backed by The Roots and kept it in the VMG family with producer 6ix and DJ Rhetorik contributing to the performance on stage.

Logic went with “I’m Gone”, speaking to the direction he wants to go to create that first impression. Though I’m not a fan of the hook really, it plays better live and even moreso at his actual show I’d imagine. Logic cleaned up the lyrics of the verses a little bit and it was seamless for those familiar with the album version. I can see the casual listener appreciating this one as Logic even closes it out with a hashtag nod to Jimmy. Check it out ICYMI above.