GZA with Tom Morello & The Roots on Fallon

While the Chef was in London with Kanye, GZA was on Jimmy Fallon with Tom Morello & The Roots performing “The Mexican” — a remake of Babe Ruth’s 1972 song. B-boy legend Crazy Legs closes out the performance to the heavy guitar riffs, thereby completing one of the more unique Tonight Show performances as of late (and that’s saying something.) Watch below ICYMI last night.


Lupe Fiasco “Little Death” on Jimmy Fallon

Last night, Jimmy Fallon was graced with a lyrical gem from Tetsuo & Youth — “Little Death” by Lupe Fiasco with featured guests Nikki Jean & Crystal “Rovel” Torres + The Roots.

As I always imagine when Lupe hits a national TV stage, I imagine the casual music fan being reeled in my Lupe’s clear delivery and the next level lyricism he conveys. “Little Death” is one of the deeper cuts off the album so I suggest popping up the lyrics and following along. After I digested it myself, I developed a greater appreciation for the song. Lupe comes in as clear as the studio in the live performance above and I’m always happy to see Nikki Jean get the bright lights as well. She sings the 3 different hooks in rhythm as well. What more can I say… watch up above and cop the album if you’ve still been sleeping.