Logic on Jimmy Fallon

Big night for Logic as he continues to rise with the critically acclaimed debut album, Under Pressure. He landed the musical guest spot on Jimmy Fallon last night for his national TV debut as Fallon once again puts his neck out for new artists and gives them their first huge TV look. To top it off, Logic was backed by The Roots and kept it in the VMG family with producer 6ix and DJ Rhetorik contributing to the performance on stage.

Logic went with “I’m Gone”, speaking to the direction he wants to go to create that first impression. Though I’m not a fan of the hook really, it plays better live and even moreso at his actual show I’d imagine. Logic cleaned up the lyrics of the verses a little bit and it was seamless for those familiar with the album version. I can see the casual listener appreciating this one as Logic even closes it out with a hashtag nod to Jimmy. Check it out ICYMI above.

Bobby Shmurda “Hot N****” on Jimmy Fallon

The 1a. song of the summer (with 1b. Drake “0-100”) hits live national television. You can thank Jimmy Fallon for giving Bobby Shmurda his first TV look, a la Tyler, The Creator & Odd Future back in the day. Alas, Shmurda performs “Hot Boy” with Questlove and The Roots adding some live instrumentation. There is unfortunately no appearance by Shmurda’s hat though. It may still be up in the air, no one knows.

Do though enjoy above as Shmurda does hit a Shmoney Dance at the very end, which is on one end of the spectrum with Jimmy Fallon’s on the other end. I’ll let you decide which ends of the spectrum they respectively belong on.

Additionally, Shmurda used the late night opp to release his new single, intended to be the follow up to “Hot N****”. It’s along the same vein, but nothing is going to come close to the catchiness of that beat, with the dance to boot. Here’s “Bobby Bitch” if you want to give it a listen.

And finally, I don’t know why, but I laughed at this and had to share.


Chris Brown on Jimmy Fallon

Our new Twitter friend Chris Brown found time to log off social media today to perform at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. If that sounded sarcastic, it wasn’t — Chris Brown retweeted/co-signed the sick Lee England Jr. violin cover of his single “New Flame” so check that out too, pretty awesome!

Anywho, Breezy didn’t perform “New Flame”; rather, a hybrid performance of “X” — his current R&B love single, and a little of the club banger that kicked off summer/Joel Embiid’s favorite song “Loyal”. Ha! #Emb11dsAdvice. Diggin’ the coordinating red attire though from CB and his backup dancers. Behind them, The Roots added some backdrop instrumentation too.

UPDATE: Chris Brown talks with MTV about how/why the Drake beef is now squashed.


ICYMI: Chris Brown f/ Kendrick Lamar “Autumn Leaves”

The Roots Jason Segel Family Feud

You can always count on Jimmy Fallon when it comes to great group games on late night TV. Here, he went all out with a game of Family Feud with host Steve Harvey and pitting him, Jason Segel, and his announcer versus The Roots! What ensues is pretty entertaining with Harvey actually taking the cake with his playful no nonsense attitude. I’m a fan of Segel’s but unfortunately he didn’t do too much in the game, ha! Enjoy.