The Weeknd ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ (Tracklist)

14 tracks, just 1 feature on The Weeknd’s hotly anticipated album dropping at the end of the month. It’s Lana Del Rey so I’m already lookin’ forward to how their vocals will mesh (wonderfully, I’m assuming.) Take a gander below and stay tuned today for my thoughts on Weeknd at Lolla here in Chicago!

UPDATE: Straight from The Weeknd himself, Ed Sheeran and Labrinth are also featured.


The Weeknd “Can’t Feel My Face”

The Weeknd is the latest to take to Apple Music for his new video premiere. But you don’t have to go into the app from here; Apple provides the embeddable player to watch it below (hey! There’s a great idea.)

Weeknd gets engulfed by the end for an interesting effect and conclusion to the storyline playing out. Not the biggest fan of the visuals, but the song still rocks this summer. Weeknd’s on MJ mode to the fullest too, but I dig that. He can pull it off. Also, ICYMI, Weeknd geeked out at Tom Cruise lip synching “Can’t Feel My Face”. Watch that below too.


Taylor Swift brings out The Weeknd

Another high-profile look for the superstar developing before our eyes. The Weeknd was a special surprise guest and below, performed his new single “Can’t Feel My Face” to the legions of T-Swift fans in New Jersey.

(More info on Weeknd’s newly announced album.)

To top it off, Taylor brought out the entire U.S. Women’s World Cup team too. #SquadGoals (?)

The Weeknd announces new album

With all of the momentum in the world right now, The Weeknd’s upcoming album — the first since 2013’s Kiss Land — was surely on the way, and it looks like it’s coming very soon.

On the ‘gram today, The Weeknd revealed the album title and cover — Beauty Behind The Madness.

I dig the title and look forward to seeing if Kanye West is indeed the lone feature, as rumored by Ed Sheeran last week. With Weeknd adding “pre-order available shortly,” I have a hunch we won’t have to wait too long this summer to hear the album!

UPDATE: We won’t have to. The OVO Forums discovered a New Zealand iTunes pre-order link that indicates 14 songs in total, previous single “Often” joining “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face”, and an August 28th release date.



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ICYMI: “The Hills” [Music Video] | “Can’t Feel My Face”

Kanye West only feature on Weeknd’s album?

And Ed Sheeran spills the beans on Zane Lowe at the 3:40 mark. Watch below.

The Weeknd doesn’t want to write a song!’ The Weeknd doesn’t work with anyone, he’s got one feature on his album, which is Kanye West. He doesn’t want to do that.