Kendrick Lamar 1st Week Sales

1st week sales are in for To Pimp A Butterfly as Kendrick Lamar debuts at #1 on the Billboard charts with 324K sold (363K including streams.) Impressive number no doubt, even if I wouldn’t have been shocked at a half a milli. The number should only grow as Kendrick continues to promo the semi-surprise album and overcome the technical difficulties that plagued the first 24 hours of release.

ICYMI: Video of Kendrick’s surprise L.A. concert last night where fans ran a 5K to watch him perform on a moving truck

Plus a new TDE vlog following Kendrick during this time of release.

Kendrick Lamar’s surprise L.A. concert… on a moving truck

*applauds* the marketing behind this. *standing ovation*

It all began with this tweet, giving fans in Los Angeles 1 hour to get to the first address.


As it turned out, Kendrick Lamar, complete with a full band, performed a surprise concert on a MOVING TRUCK through traffic and for what apparently was a 5K. In conjunction with Reebok’s #GetPumped campaign, fans got their workout soundtrack come to life. Ha! I love it. Would definitely be running along with the crowd.

I also love to imagine what these cars stuck behind the truck were thinking… damn! Some video clips give the concept some justice below…

UPDATE: One more added.

Reebok And Kendrick Lamar Take Over The Streets Of Hollywood With #GETPUMPED, Fusing Fitness And Music With A Ground-Breaking Live Event

Reebok And Kendrick Lamar Take Over The Streets Of Hollywood With #GETPUMPED, Fusing Fitness And Music With A Ground-Breaking Live Event

Oh @kendricklamar

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Kendrick Lamar ‘TPAB: The Samples’

Searching for the perfect compliment to TPAB this week?

Look no further than the samples for the album itself. Babylon Cartel put all of the songs used in the productions into one, continuous mix. Get into the TPAB vibe either pre or post-listen to the album with this great addition below.

1. Boris Gardiner – Every N***er Is A Star (Wesley’s Theory)
2. Mausberg – Get Nekkid (King Kunta)
3. Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (King Kunta)
4. James Brown – The Payback (King Kunta)
5. Lalah Hathaway – On Your Own (Momma)
6. Sufjan Stevens – All For Myself (Hood Politics)
7. Cold Grits – It’s Your Thing (Blacker The Berry)
8. Detroit Emeralds – You’re Getting A Little Too Smart (You Aint Gotta Lie)
9. Isley Brothers – That Lady (i)
10. Houston Person – I No Get Eye For Back (Mortal Man)

Highlights from Kendrick’s NYT Interview

In the wake of To Pimp A Butterfly‘s surprise release this week, Kendrick Lamar and the New York Times have combined again for an in-depth, introspective sit-down. It’s a great, and heavy read as I pulled out a few of the motivating or inspiring quotables below.

Also, ICYMI, wow.



On spirituality and leading as a role model

“I’m the closest thing to a preacher that they have. I know that from being on tour — kids are living by my music. My word will never be as strong as God’s word. All I am is just a vessel, doing his work.”

On fame and fortune

“You can tell a person about fame and fortune all you want, but until you’re really in it and you know the person that you can become… I know every artist feels this way, but in order for it to come across on record for your average 9-to-5-er is the tricky part. I have to make it where you truly understand: This is me pouring out my soul on the record. You’re gonna feel it because you too have pain. It might not be like mine, but you’re gonna feel it.”

On experiencing police brutality

“I’ve been stomped in the back. I’m not talking to people from the suburbs. I’m talking as somebody who’s been snatched out of cars and had rifles pointed at me. [But] Playing the victim only works so long.”

What gives him inspiration

“What gives me inspiration is giving thought and game to people who don’t have it. We’re putting in the real work with these kids and these ex-convicts.”

Click here for the full read.

The full 2Pac interview from “Mortal Man”

Have you been able to fully digest To Pimp A Butterfly yet?

I haven’t either as last night’s week-early drop of the album has elicited much excitement and early reviews of Kendrick Lamar’s much anticipated sophomore album.

One of the many highlights is Kendrick Lamar chopping up an old, rare 2Pac interview and framing it to his own questions. It sounded a little odd at first, but I love examining the substance across this part of the track, the track itself (which musically is great too), and of course the album as a whole.

Adding to that examination is the full 2Pac interview — the rare, extended sit-down with Swedish music journalist Mats Nileskär on the P3 Soul radio show, just two weeks prior to the infamous Quad Studios shooting. I’m pressing play below right along with ya.

ICYMI: My reflections on Me Against The World (which turned 20 a day before TPAB‘s release)