2 World Trade Center tower revealed

Danish architect firm, and one of my personal favorites, BIG, has revealed plans for the new World Trade Center tower that will finish the frame of the WTC plaza and park and once again transform the NYC skyline. The steps of the exterior are unmistakable and it looks beautiful under night. The best part though: these messages on the ceilings visible from down below. Enjoy the gallery above.

h/t DesignBoom

National 9/11 Memorial Museum Opening

Yesterday, the National 9/11 Memorial Museum opened for a select few, with the public opening just days away this Wednesday. This marks another step in the Freedom Tower’s completion with the Museum paying tribute to the tragic events in 2001.


Snøhetta, one of my favorite international firms, is behind the three-story memorial that stands out with two structural columns of the Tower’s remains, immediately evoking a profound, reflective mood. Before entering, the footprint of the former towers surround the museum and visitors begin their emotional journey outside in the pavilion.

Snøhetta’s founding partner, Craig Dyker says that the pavilion’s main purpose is to serve as the “threshold between the everyday life of the city and the uniquely spiritual quality of the Memorial.”


“Certain characteristics of the Museum Pavilion seem reminiscent of the original towers, while at other times these notions are only alluded to. The alternating reflective treatment of the façade will mirror the changing seasons, revealing the Pavilion’s differing qualities throughout the year. Inclined, reflective and transparent surfaces encourage people to walk up close, touch and gaze into the building. Once inside, visitors look out through the Pavilion’s atrium to see others peer in, and begin a physical and mental transition in the journey from above to below ground.”

A touching tribute and another reminder of how powerful, beautiful architecture can really affect us.

More info via ArchDaily | Photos: Jeff Goldberg / ESTO