Kanye West ‘Yeezus’ Guerrilla Film

Were you keeping track of every Yeezus Tour fan footage song and stream of consciousness this time last year like I was?

Well, John Colandra was. He compiled the best of the best guerrilla fan footage for a 2 hour long video of Kanye, with opening act Kendrick Lamar, on the Yeezus Tour in damn near every city. (h/t HighSnobiety)

Comb through the compilation above as we await Kanye’s performance in Times Square TONIGHT as part of World AIDS Day.

Niice. Lookin’ forward to the scenery for this one.

Kanye West X Games Austin

As I type, Kanye West is wrapping up the first show of the “Kanye West Summer Run” – a continuation of the Yeezus Tour at various spot dates during a run of festivals or special events taking place… wait for it… this summer. Courtesy of ‘Ye’s crew on Instagram, Ibn Jasper, Virgil Abloh, and Don C, we get our first glimpse of the new #DONDA stage, debuted tonight at the X Games in Austin! The mountain is gone and replaced by a minimalist vertical rectangle screen. It’s like watching a live music video behind ‘Ye as the first two videos above and below best illustrate. Click play and see clips of some of your favorite Kanye songs tonight in Austin!











Yeezus Film Trailer

You read that headline right. Here is the new trailer for the upcoming Yeezus Film set to hit theatres (yup, actual theatres). Stoked for this one, as the trailer actually premiered on Seth Meyers the other night before ‘Ye sat down for the interview (no one classified it as the film trailer; it just played off as a cool video intro). The shots and pacing in the trailer are pretty monumental and naturally, I’m looking forward to what ‘Ye does here, alongside director (none other than) Hype Williams.

Watch on KanyeWest.com.

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 1.26.13 PM

Kanye West “Quality of Life” Speech

Kanye‘s calmest stream of consciousness to date… and perhaps the most influential one to listen to.

Last night’s 20 minute speech in Montreal centered on Kanye’s aim to make life easier with his art and creations and to contribute more to society’s quality of life. I’m among ‘Ye’s biggest defenders and feel that his calm delivery and examples he gives throughout this 20 minutes is a peaceful way to communicate his “loud” ideas and mindset. In a lot of ways, this is more effective and I hope that anyone on the fence about Kanye West gives this video a fair watch.

Some of the specific topics include why he wears a mask when performing in the Yeezus Tour, saying that after 10 years, it allows him to be more free. It gives him an extra layer and renewed sense of freedom of thought and expression on stage. Kanye also describes why he had to make Yeezus and experiment out loud with the album. Case in point is not starting off with “Blood On The Leaves”, which goes against his formula of starting an album off with an engaging melody. ‘Ye literally harmonizes each of his album’s intros to prove the point (9 min.). Just before that, Kanye talks about how he never aimed for his shoes to be so limited and expensive and that he’s so happy to be working with adidas who will be doing the opposite.

And lastly, Kanye shares an idea out loud that he’s also shared to the heads of Disney and Google — to try and get someone in the position of power to support it. ‘Ye is talking about a fully submersive concert experience. Screens on the ceiling, all four sides, and even the floor of an arena with the music even louder. Someone with $$$ please support this! The thought of the floor as interactive in a concert experience is an idea I’ve heard from another artist, S-Preme in fact, and I have been wanting to see this come to fruition. Hopefully it does someday.

Once again, a must-see Kanye stream of consciousness… but this one is not because he’s turning up.

h/t Montreality

Kanye West “Bound 1” premiere

A couple quick Kanye videos as I’m on the go right now. But real quick: Hudson Mohawke premieres “Bound 1” — (one?!) in his DJ set last night.

And below, Kanye’s newest stream of consciousness from last night’s Yeezus Tour stop. He talks Drake’s recent comments on ‘Yeezus’, Rolling Stone magazine, the media’s portrayal of Hip Hop, being misunderstood, choosing adidas over Nike, and even Macklemore’s Grammy wins.

Kanye disses Sway & Charlemagne

What The Fuck Did You Do? What Have You Done With The Past 10 Years Of Your Mother F*cking Life? Shut The F*ck Up, Charlamagne! SWAY! What Have You Done? I AM YEEZUS

The Yeezus Tour resumed tonight at Penn State University — the first show in 2014 and naturally, ‘Ye is at it again with a stream of consciousness that name drops Charlemagne and Sway, wondering aloud what have they done in the past 10 years? Kanye repeatedly screams “shut the fuck up!” throughout the 3.5 minute intermission so I can see people construing this pretty negatively. I kind of wish he went longer about the topic, to be honest. I feel like I’m not getting the full mindset just yet, but hey, the 2014 leg of the Yeezus Tour has just begun. There will be more shows and streams of consciousness soon, soon enough.

Another cool sidenote from the Yeezus Tour tonight is that Kanye played some additional songs he hasn’t played during the previous stops, including “Gold Digger”, “Run This Town”, “N**** in Paris” (I thought that was a WTT Tour only?), and “American Boy”. Man, I would have loved to seen all of those. More reason to cop tickets now if you haven’t caught the tour yet, yeah?

The Yeezus Tour in Elevations

Kanye West just concluded 2013 by architecting a theatre experience with the Yeezus Tour.

Now, thanks to Interiors Journal, we can see the Yeezus Tour through an architecture lens. For anyone who attended the tour, you’ll instantly recognize the stage design through these three elevations above. Elevations are a common perspective that designers use to look at spaces, that in this case displays a 2-dimensional side view of the entire stage and a couple of the show’s iconic moments. You really get to see the artfully crafted use of space between Kanye and the show’s elements in this horizontal perspective.

On top of this, the first elevation shown of the three is available as a limited edition print on Interiors. You know I got one on the way already.

As someone who was moved by the tour experience (detailed here), an architecture college grad, an elevation-geek, and of course: a big Kanye West fan, these are simply some of the coolest visuals I’ve seen lately.