ZHU “Cocaine Model”

If you give me what I want, I’ll give it to you right back.

That’s all ZHU left us with the link to his new video for “Cocaine Model” — a standout off last year’s debut Nightday EP (and my 3rd favorite track on there personally, behind “Faded” and “Superfriends”). The quotable is one of the hypnotic lyrics to the song, which get the surprise visual treatment today. It brings to life the “Cocaine Model” and allows for interpretation by the end of the story. Shot in technicolor as well, the flurry of visuals all have this great vintage vibe that I think matches up with the sound and song itself very nicely.

But that’s not the only surprise today…

The last 40 seconds should leave ZHU fans like myself in suspense for more. He mashes up the first looks at a Nightday Collection with some new sounds. And the synths and lone lyric are already on point. Very much lookin’ forward to that, but who knows when? Stay on your toes…

*Tibs Fav.

ZHU “Faded (Mysto & Pizzi x Moiez Remix)”

ZHU’s “Faded” was one of the breakout songs of 2014 if you’ve been paying attention. The Grammys did. They nominated it for Best Dance Performance. Mind you, no one knows what ZHU looks like yet.

I wrote about his entire debut EP, Nightday, still a must-cop with half of the project still consistently in my car’s playlist. The project came out in April.

Now below, we have a new free remix of “Faded” courtesy of Mysto & Pizzi and Moiez. Their collab was appropriately debuted on New Year’s Eve. It’s a perfect jam for goin’ to a dance club. I’m just catching wind of it now for your weekend playlist as Mysto, Pizzi, and Moiez add a nice fresh twist to “Faded”. I’m still attached to the beat of the original, but to not compare the two, I like the vibe of this remix a lot also. If you liked the original as much as I, I think you’ll appreciate this new sound to it too.

*Tibs Fav.

BONUS: Another new ZHU record I slept on was last month’s release of the sequel to “Paradise Awaits”. Part 2 features GoldLink and though I like the vibe overall, I couldn’t quite get into the rap. Alas… if you’re here and missed it as well, press play below.

ZHU “Gun. (CHVRCHES Cover)”

Catching up with ZHU‘s latest after he emerged onto the scene with the stellar Nightday EP (that’s still garnering well-deserved burn in the car) is a new cover he produces and sings of the CHVRCHES song “Gun.” For me, it was easy to vibe with the sound and melodies right away and it wasn’t til the third listen or so that I picked up on the lyrical substance. Nicely done all around and one to definitely add for your rotation.

*Tibs Fav.

ZHU “Faded (ODESZA Remix)”

In what ZHU‘s TH3RDBRAIN Management is calling the best remix of the Seattle artist’s hit “Faded”, ODESZA‘s new flip is a summer must-add and gives a fresh dimension to the original. The rising Portland production duo add some chill layers and the mood to match while retaining a good tempo and the simple, yet catchy vocals for an overall combo that inspires a listen to the full Nightday EP from ZHU that’s already been getting a lot of burn by me this spring. All the above is really just a drawn out way of saying, listen to this below.

*Tibs Fav.

h/t TSIS

ZHU ‘The Nightday EP’

ZHU is a new producer (mysterious too, not much is out about him or what he looks like), put on to me by Chicago’s Mr. Music via the homies Jake Udell & Nathan Lim of TH3RD Brain and he’s made quite the positive first impression with this debut EP, The Nightday.

The 6 track project is a groovy, ever-changing trans and something I’d certainly suggest to someone who casually dabbles into the electronic genre like myself. From beginning to end, there’s not one sore spot, as The Nightday flows effortlessly with smooth bass lines and high-pitched vocals that balance and compliment the production perfectly. You’ll notice excellent subtleties in each track too; for example, the rise in one of my favorite tracks “The One” around the 3 minute mark. “Superfriends” and the EP’s intro, “Stay Closer”, also stood out to me on their own, but once again, it’s the entire project that deserves your quick attention going into this weekend’s night activities.

Support and stream it all below!

*Tibs Fav.